July 20, 2021
Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Download and read 4 main points for success

Firstly read this article this is an overview of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book. End of the article you can click the Download Now button and download the PDF book success. April 2017 imprints a long time since Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad previously caused a ripple effect in the Personal Finance field. It has since become the 1st Personal great Finance book ever.

Converted into many dialects and sold the world over. Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert’s account of growing up with two fathers his genuine dad and the dad of his closest companion. His rich father and the manners by which the two men molded. His considerations about cash and contributing. The book detonates the fantasy that you have to acquire a high pay to be rich and clarifies. The contrast between working for cash and having your cash work for you.

20 Years & Rich Dad Poor Dad

In the Anniversary Edition of this work of art, Robert offers a report on what we’ve seen in the course of recent years identified with cash, contributing, and the worldwide economy. Sidebars all through the book will take perusers “quick forward”  from 1997 to today as Robert evaluates how the standards educated by his rich father have stood the trial of time. From various perspectives, the messages of this book, messages that were scrutinized and tested. Two decades back are increasingly significant, pertinent, and significant today than they were 20 years prior.

Do you need to include your skills and money balance knowledge, you must read this book. It represents present world problems and how to solve them? According to this book lot of people can earn money & capital but the problem is they can’t manage their money and properties. So, in this background, all most will be destroyed.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, He represents his Robert Kiyosaki family background. So if we think it’s not suitable for us, it’s wrong. The reason is he compares the past world and the modern world using his two types of fathers.

Robert Kiyosaki’s represent if we are poor or rich, So how we can focus our goal, how we can grow up our mind, How we can success, how we can live with peoples likewise, but Rich dad poor dad book’s main target is represented how to manage money and save it for our feature plans.

4 Main points from Rich Dad Poor Dad

According to this book has two types of fathers. One father is poor and nonqualified but, one other father is overqualified. When the nonqualified father dies he didn’t save money or property for their children or their family, But the overqualified father saved a lot of money, property and donate social community and religious community and organization. we must understand these main points for success in our day-to-day life and goals.

01 Point – The Success & Rich people Don’t Work For Money

When Robert was 9 years old one day he asks a good question from his best friend mike’s father. A question is “How to become rich“? Micke’s father is very poor. So, his job is cleaning services because he cant earn lot of salarry. (mike’s day earn 10 cent for a week)

The startup will be very very hard but firstly trust yourself. One day you can achieve your target and goals. So never give up. Rich people have good and creative ideas for their business. They hire poor people like their employees. So it means rich people have money and they will pay for employees. Employees work for rich people and earn money from them. But the main point is all most people can be rich people or poor people. deferent is their thinking patten and trust your self first.

02 Point – Mind Your Own Business!

Firstly you respect your job or your workout. The reason is it’s your main income point. So, work hard for your salary. Now you can think about your own business and be a boss. Think about your future. So, Kiyosaki’s first job is selling photocopiers for Xerox. So his final position is the owner of his own business.

03 Point – Why Teach Financial Literacy?

In the present world, there are more than 7 billion peoples living on this planet. So it has the main gap it is the Rich and poor gap. But the poor gap increasing day by day. this world wild issue main reason is the education system.

A lot of countries never include money management & entrepreneur education for school or high education. because they must do it self learning or study their family background. because a lot of people haven’t this knowledge. So, if parents have a good business background they will teach their children. But if the family is poor these parents haven’t good knowledge about money management and business ideas never they guide or teach their children. because these children all most time work for rich peoples like employees. because we must guide and learn Teach Financial Literacy theories and particles for our own business or life success.

04 Point -Power of Corporations and the History of Taxes

The first tax starts in England in 1874. So it’s most important for the business. If we pay tax business has a good value from the government. So it’s good for future business to explain.

If we guide and follow these main 4 points for our business and our life definitely we must become a good businessman, So, one day we can explain our business for passive income resource. Trust yourself firstly. If you haven’t trust, how can others trust you? Think now, Download and read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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