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Who is mr.mac? & His motivational life story.

Who is mr.mac? what is motivation? Why we must read and apply a good motivational quote for our life. In our life best and great motivational speakers are our parents. I tell it within my life experience.

How You Can Create Your Success

Mr.mac is born 5th of December 1994. In this time period, mac’s family was spending a very poor situation in his life financially and mentally.  I completed my school life within a serious time period. After I completed my school life I had a big dream. It was to complete an Information communication degree and start my own company. I didn’t have anyone to get any kind of advice or help to achieve this goal and I didn’t have much knowledge about the IT field, so I went to an IT institution to get an instruction to direct my path.  There, I met a lecturer who gave me lots of advice and motivated me to continue with my goal.

Then, I joined with Infortec International – Asia Campus to do my High Diploma in Computer Science (HDCS) Program. There were some subjects like mathematics and programming which my colleagues were struggling to pass. But I was able to pass all the subjects successfully. which was a great accomplishment for my life being a guy who was struggling to do IT.

About Mr.Mac & Motivational Startup Point

All most every student was using Laptops in the lecture hall but I didn’t have one, those days I was using a desktop computer.

“Today you ignore me because I’m a potato, its okay no problem but One day I’ll be French fries and you’ll crave for me.”


However, I completed this high diploma with a first-class. then I started to work on achieving my goals. I didn’t revel 2015 firstly I created a Facebook page to increase my startup. In this time period, I did some little price range jobs and gradually it’s developed to Harshasoft and now it’s on FacebookInstagram, and Behance.

You can do it. Never give up our life and our soul can’t do anything for us. Firstly believe your self. You haven’t trust yourself then how you can trust your dreams. All most parents most love there, children. We can’t understand or identify this amazing gift. Parents have a good life experience and good knowledge than us. Because we must respect their advice, if you respect your parent’s advice one day you will succeed definitely. parents give some lectures and advice for his child. Do you know if I went to university we can’t get it from university or college life?

Parent’s motivational stories and motivational speeches are the most powerful and most grateful. but it hasn’t creative grammar or beautiful sentence collection. But the father’s lecture includes Great motivational history life experience and motivational interviewing about our life.

Motivational Interviewing Of Mac’s Life Period

You can get up early in the morning check or read motivational morning quotes from the internet. The internet has a lot of motivational quotes for students, motivational stories, motivational life stories like a lot of stories, you can grow up your mind no one cant do it for you. After 2015 I enter my first job it is a Graphic designer at Ravindra K R S Advertising Services (Pvt) Ltd after I joining Super neat Technology (Pvt) Ltd and now my position is Head of a multimedia designer.

2016 I started to start my second main education level from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT). But I know my main target is Harshasoft. Its one of my brain paths because of its good motivation help to me.how ever I completed this degree program I guide my dream and I could identify my path now I need to experience because I applied Software company works as intern position.

However, I selected this company so that day I’m so happy especially my parent’s eyes have a happy tear. Its world wild best software developing company name is Virtusa. You must keep in mind,

You must protect and don’t tell anyone to your next steps. Its must be secret ”


Do you know luck is the only word it can’t do anything? Talent is the same all most are only words.but do you know never to give up meaning, its formula od success. Get up early in the morning minimum of 4.00 am and categorize your work what shell I want to do today. And drink freshwater glass. Its good motivation for your brain, let’s start your work.

Charlie Chaplin’s Dark Side

Do you know Charlie Chaplin likes to walk under the rain, but do you know the reason? The reason is in this rain if Charlie Chaplin is crying but his tears didn’t see to others. According to my experience, I think you can get an idea or motivational speech from my life. Now I could complete my target, I’m CEO of Harshasoft, Freelancer, Content WriterSoftware EngineerMultimedia Designer, Hardware Engineer, Digital Marketing, and Motivational Speaker.

“If your life is a book what would your main title be?”


Never give up firstly trust yourself, No is the only word, you can do it. Remember there are two options: make progress or make excuses. Do you know you work hard early in the morning but other peoples are still sleeping, never give up don’t do anything, wait 2 months and now you can compare your self and others 100% you can identify the wonderful change of your life? Good luck with trying to design your own way.


  1. Riyana Jeric Reply

    Hey Mr.Mac, Great story. collection of all of Your stories is more than motivational. I’ll share it on my Facebook wall, so others can get inspiration from them.

  2. Jayathilaka Reply

    Success is a failure, not the other way around. When you fail, you get back up and take a long leap to succeeds and that makes you forget you once failed.

  3. Kaumada galagedara Reply

    Dear Mr. Mac
    Tears came to my eyes. It’s a great story. Never give up 👍 you can do the best and you should do the best behalf of your parents and teachers. Wishing you a successful future from my heart

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